Containers: Under the Lid

By: October 16, 2018

Since the release of Docker in 2013 and Kubernetes in 2015, containers have become the defacto standard for developing, deploying and hosting applications. Here at AWeber, we work with containers every day, but do we understand how they work? Before containers, we used virtual machines … <Read More>




DKIM: Using Cryptography to Protect Your Brand From Fraud

By: June 14, 2018

Have you ever received an email that appeared to come from your bank, colleague, or company you've done business with, only to discover that it was spam? Even to the most discerning eyes, some of these fraudulent emails can look nearly identical to their genuine … <Read More>




Avoiding Mental Shortcuts When Making Technical Decisions

By: February 23, 2018

The Twelve-Factor App, Agile Processes, Dockerization, MVC, RESTful APIs, Micro Services, lambda functions … the list of the latest technology goes on and on. The benefits of these technologies and methodologies are highly touted, and rightfully so. Any of them might be appropriate for your … <Read More>




How to Level Up Your Automation with the AWeber API and Tags

By: August 31, 2017

One of the best ways to get new email subscribers is with a sign up form. Forms give you the opportunity to ask every person who visits your website to subscribe to your email list. And this not only allows you to grow your list, … <Read More>




Project Management in an Agile Environment

By: May 1, 2017

About a week into my shiny new project management position at AWeber, I was basically told that the role itself was met with much disdain, water cooler dissension and a communal question of “We’re an agile shop. Why do we need a project manager?” It’s … <Read More>




How to Manage Technical Teams Like an Aircraft Pilot

By: April 21, 2017

Pilots don’t want to crash. And neither do technical teams. Okay. Granted, developing software isn’t the same as piloting a plane. If you mess up a software release, you’ll get some angry customers and may lose some in the process, but... usually no one dies. … <Read More>




Improving Swift Unit Tests with Objective-C

By: April 6, 2017

With Swift approaching its third anniversary of being announced to the world, it's no longer the immature adolescent that can be passed by for the old reliable language, Objective-C. Instead, it's now something that can't be ignored if you’re an iOS engineer. After all, it's the … <Read More>




The Benefits of Working Like an Amateur

By: March 30, 2017

I recently heard an interview with Jim Jarmusch in which he talked about how he considers himself an amateur filmmaker, even though he’s been making movies since the early 1980s. He explained that he looks back to the original Latin meaning of the word amateur, … <Read More>




Three Reasons why People Work

By: March 7, 2017

People are the most valuable asset of a company. And yet, attrition in the tech community is around 28 percent. Early in my career as I was starting out as a coder, a leader in my organization casually mentioned to me that there are three … <Read More>




Round Table Reviews and the Six Things I Stand For as a Leader

By: January 23, 2017

As a follow up to Grace’s AWesome post sharing her experience with round table reviews from the perspective of a team member, I wanted to provide an additional post covering my perspective as a team lead. Round table reviews neatly support five of my core values as … <Read More>